Talkative budgie & Important Update

Hello, everyone! 

Tori-chan is so talkative!


Daijyoubu desuka? (Are you alright?)
Tori-chan orusuban dekiru. (Tori-chan can stay home alone)
Ganbatta (I did my best)
Orikousan (Good boy)
etc, etc

Although most of you do not understand Japanese, I hope you still enjoy Tori-chan's talking!

By the way, I have improved the shipping.

Basically I ship your order by registered airmail (unless you select EMS). Registered airmail has weight limit, 2kg (4.4lbs).

So until now, if the estimated weight is closed to 2k, you could not choose the standard shipping (registered airmail) and you saw the EMS option only.

But now you can choose the standard shipping even if the estimate weight is more than 2k.

If the actual package is more than 2k, I will split your order in two and your order will be shipped by 2 packages.

Hope you are happy with this change!

I have listed cat sticky notes today! So cute!

And here is advance info. 

MT (Kamoi) will increase the price as of 1st of March, 2024.

So gradually I  also need to adjust the price of mt washi tapes. But don't worry! Prices in Sweet Birdie Boutique is exactly same with Japanese retail prices.

Love from Eriko 

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