Tori-chan loves talking & singing

Hello everyone!

I have been writing the blog for my Japanese customers since 2010, now I start to write the English blog for my international customers, too!

Sweet Birdie Boutique International Blog

Please check the video on Instagram!

In instagram, I find it so difficult to write the long sentence, so here in this blog, I will write a little more!

In the 1st video, Tori-chan is talking a lot! But sorry, Tori-chan speaks Japanese!

So here is your Japanese lesson!

Gohan Tabeta?
Did you eat your meal?
"Tabeta" is the past tense.
Tori-chan also says "Taberu?"
It is present tense.

No need
Tori-chan said also "Mou Iranai"
It means "No more"


I am having fun!

Tori-chan also said some more, but not so clearly.  

In the 2nd video, Tori-chan is singing his song!

Ton Ton Tori-chan To To To No Ton!
It is the song I created for Tori-chan!  haha
Tori-chan loves it and can sing it by himself now!
Hope you enjoyed Tori-chan's talking & singing!

Love from Eriko
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