Tori-chan apologized 3 times!

Hello, everyone! 

Please take a look at Tori-chan's talking!


 1st video.

Oishikattane (=It was yummy),


Gomen-ne (= Sorry) ,

Gomen-ne (= Sorry)

Gomen-ne (= Sorry)




In the 2nd video, Tori-chan was singing "Ton Ton Song" (which I made...).

So cute, but today's version was a bit different than original. haha

Original ; Ton Ton Tori-chan Tototonoton!

Tori-chan is so talkative.

Could you hear "kawaii"?

Also "Onaka suitano?”  It means "Are you hungry"

Hope you enjoyed Tori-chan's Japanese lesson!

Take care!

Love from Eriko 

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