(CLOSED) Pre-order mt Japanese Washi Tape

 Updated on 18th of October, 2023

mt washi tape pre-order

Pre-order is closed now.

But we will let you pre-order sometime later again! Check this page again or contact us.

  1. Please click the name of series or image below to check the PDF catalogues.
  2. Please advise us item numbers you would like to pre-order.
  3. We make listings for you to pre-order.
  4. Please place a pre-order.
  5. We let you know if the items you pre-ordered is in stock, or not. If not in stock at the manufacturer, we refund the cancelled items.
  6. Please wait until items arrives. 

 Click the name of the series or image below to see the mt PDF catalogue.

Prices in catalogue are all JPY. Please convert it to your currency with calculator.

Currency Calculator

When you place a pre-order, you can check out with your own currency. 


 mt deco  

mt deco washi tape

Width Quantity  Price in JPY
7cm (0.27") 1 roll JPY115
7cm (0.27") 8 rolls JPY764
1.5cm (0.59") 1 roll JPY165
1.5cm (0.59") 8 rolls JPY1,089
5cm (1.96") 1 roll JPY506
10cm (3.93") 1 roll JPY1,012


mt basic

mt basic washi tape

Width  Quantity Price in JPY
1.5cm (0.59") 1 roll JPY165, JPY176 (matte black/white/gray)
1.5cm (0.59") 8 rolls JPY1,089, JPY1,188 (matte black/white/Gray)



mt ex 

2023 autumn and spring mt ex washi tape

Width Price in JPY
7cm (0.27") JPY115
1.5cm (0.59")  JPY165
1.8cm (0.7") JPY198
2cm (0.78") JPY209
2.3cm (0.9") JPY242
2.5cm (0.98") JPY264
3cm (1.18") JPY319
3.5cm (1.37") JPY374
4cm (1.57") JPY429

 Exception : MTEX1P202 (JPY187), MTEX1P203 (JPY242), MTEX1P204 (JPY220), MTEX205 (JPY308)


 mt x Artist Series

mt artist 2023

 Width Price in JPY
1.5cm (0.59") JPY187, JPY374 (MTOTTA08-10),
2cm (0.78") JPY253, JPY242 (MTWILL14-18 & 20-25) JPY341 (MTWILL11)
2.4cm (0.94") JPY286, JPY561 (MTOTTA11-12) 
2.5cm (0.98") JPY319
3cm (1.18") JPY374
3.5cm (1.37") JPY429 - 440
5cm (1.96") JPY605 (MTWILL19)  JPY825 (MTWILL04-10)


mt x Nordic Countries

mt x Nordic Countries Washi Tape


Width Price in JPY
1.5cm (0.59") JPY187, JPY198 (LISA)
2cm (0.78") JPY253
2.4cm (0.94") JPY286
2.5cm (0.98") JPY319, JPY330 (LISA)

mt x sou.sou.

mt sou sou


Width  Price in JPY
7cm (0.27") JPY121
1.5cm (0.59") JPY165


mt Slim

mt slim washi tape



Width Price in JPY
6mm  JPY198
3mm JPY264


mt Fab

mt fab washi tape

Width  Price in JPY
3cm (1.18") JPY418


mt Wrap

mt wrap

Width  Price in JPY
15.5cm (6.1") JPY1,034 (MTWRMI68, 45, 67,70, 63, 65, 66)
15.5cm (6.1") JPY1,188 (MTWRAMI81, 82, 83)
15.5cm (6.1") JPY1,155 (MTWRAMI74, 75, 59, 76, 60, 77, 56, 54, 57, 55, 58)