We ship worldwide!

All order will be shipped with tracking & insurance. (Signature is required upon arrival.)

Shipping is calculated automatically and you will see the shipping at the checkout. 

Please kindly understand in advance that shipping is not only the actual postage, but also includes the package cost, paypal fee and handling charge.

We ship your order within 1-3 business days and contact you with the full details.

We are sorry, but we do not ship your order by regular airmail without tracking in Boutique SWEET BIRDIE due to the system Shopify offers.


  • Transit time

Usually it takes 1-2 weeks to the most of the major destination. But the transit time depends on your import customs and postal service.  

So some customers may receive their packages over 2 weeks. From the past experience, customers in Germany, Italy and Canada "may" receive their package for over a month due to the strict import customs control.  

If the import customs hold the package, there is nothing we can do. But you have the tracking & insurance. So you do not have to worry, but you just need the patience in that case. Hope it does not happen to you!

During the holiday season, all post office will be crowded and the delivery could be delayed. If you purchase holiday gift,  please allow enough time for your holiday shopping.

 If your order is heavy (over 2kg or 4lb), your order will be shipped by EMS and the transit time is shorter.


  • Tracking number

You can track your shipment online. But for some particular countries, online tracking may not be available.


  •  Do you want to combine the shipping for your purchase in Sweet Supplies Store in Etsy?

We can arrange the combined shipping for you. After packing both orders, we will let you know how much we can refund. Please make sure to understand that it is not always possible to refund due to the different shipping calculation system, or any other factor. For example, if the gross weight of your order is "light", you should be receiving refund, but if the gross weight of your order is "very heavy", you may not  be able to receive refund.


  • You country is not registered?

Sorry!  Please send us your request. Your country will be registered shortly.